Hydro-Combi Lens Edging Pads

The latest innovation from Cerium Optical, this product has all the benefits of our Premier product but has been exclusively developed to work with all lens types including the latest Super Hydrophobic coatings.

This reinforced product is designed so that the product will not twist during the cutting process. This reduces the possibility of any axis slippage. The use of our special adhesive allows the product to be removed cleanly from all lens types after use and will work with all Super Hydrophobic coating in the marketplace today.

This mean an end to having to worry about keeping a hugh selection of lens edging pads to cover for all the many types of lens surfaces you come across. There is now one pad that will do it all make the smart choice and pick Combi-Hydro for all your lens edging needs.


Available in rolls of 1,000 pads.
Size: 20mm x 33mm Universal shape