Cool Shades

The optimum temperature for tinting CR39 lenses is 97˚C and at this temperature tints produce their true colour.

However, if the dye bath drops below 90˚C, a colour change occurs due to the absorption differential of individual dye components at lower temperatures. It may be that the tint unit is unable to achieve the required temperature consistently, or the operator desires to work at lower temperatures to avoid evaporation, which does occur at 97˚C.

Whatever the reason, if your tint bath is working at a lower temperature and you are unable to achieve the true colour of a tint (your greys and browns will appear too red), “Cool Shades” are the answer. Specially formulated to produce true colours at the lower operating temperature of 88˚C, “Cool Shades” give consistent results.

Available in our most popular colours, try “Cool Shades” and achieve the colour you desire.

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