Ceri-Pol Focus

Ceri-Pol Focus Has been designed as a polish with the ophthalmic lens production market firmly in mind it represents the latest developments in cerium oxide based polishing compounds for the glass polishing industry

It has been especially formulated for excellent suspension characteristics and rapid stock removal to achieve the desired result

Focus has been developed to produce the clearest optical finish quality for optical lenses and is suitable for use in all types of equipment in today’s market; it is also suitable for use in high speed polishing for the flat glass and edge bevelling industry.

Appearance White powder
Avarage particle size 1.8 microns
PH at 5% slurry 6.5 to 8.5
Suspension treated Yes
Recommended concentration 3% to 8%
Polish pad compatibilty Woven, non-woven felt and Polyurethane
Packaging 20kgs pails
Primary applications Polishing of ophthalmic lenses and High speed shape polishing for flat glass and mirrors