Thermaguard is a self contained central slurry system that consists of a chilling unit, a recirculating pump and a polish reservoir. All of these components are mounted into a compact package that only requires a small amount of flo or space.

The Thermaguard Central Slurry System offers a complete polish control, chilling and filtering in a single unit.
The polish reservoir is completely enclosed and constructed of GRP to protect the polish from contamination offering years of troublefree operation. The recalculating pump is seal-less and is designed to maximise polish efficiency by maintaining proper Baumé and supplying optimum polish volume.

The Thermaguard chilling system features a temperature controller with a digital readout and programmed temperature limits. The cooling circuit is submerged into the polish slurry to maintain optimum temperature without reducing volume and flow rates to the surfacing machines. Polish life is extended and performance is maintained by the filter system. This system removes pad nap, plastic lens particles and other debris that would reduce both polish life and deteriorate performance. The Thermaguard

Central Slurry System is equipped with a reusable 350 micron filter for polishing and a reusable 100 micron filter for fining applications.

Other size filters are available to order.

MKIV Cold Filter
Design temparature 5 - 15 degrees C at ambient 32 degrees C
Reservoir capacity 60 litres / 15 gallons
Min flow rate 45 litres per minute / 10 gallons per minute
Spindle capacity Up to 12
Voltage 220V 60Hz / 240V 50Hz
Unit size W 36” x L 28” x H 28”
Unit weight 75kg

Thermgard Mini
Design temparature 10 - 15 degrees C at ambient 32 degrees C
Reservoir capacity 30 litres / 6.7 gallons
Min flow rate 20 litres per minute / 4.4 gallons per minute
Spindle capacity Up to 6
Voltage 115 / 208 / 240V 50 / 60Hz
Unit size W 26” x L 29” x H 27”
Unit weight 50kg