Cerium Claris

The Claris is the latest addition to the Cerium range of 1 step pads.

Developed to achieve exceptional surface quality on CR39, Hi-Index, Spectrolite and transition lens materials.

The high quality surface that can be achieved has only been made possible by the constant search for new manufacturing processes and technology. The ultra fine surface quality has been brought about by careful selection of the grit particle size and a new bonding process.

The new pad will give excellent surface quality on all of today’s modern surfacing equipment.

Material Aluminium oxide
Thickness 0.27mm, 0.47mm compensated
Sizes All sizes
Shapes P T
Recommended pressures 15lbs - 18lbs
Rec. running times 1 - 2 minutes

Plain water filtered via a Cerium MK IV Cold Filter or direct to waste