White Polishing Pad

The latest addition to the Cerium range of polishing pads developed to be compatible with all lens materials, liquid polishes and makes of machinery.

The very close fibre formation, combined with the softness of the nap, ensures that the pad holds the polish evenly over the pad surface for maximum polishing. This pad has a fine woven backing that is attached to a special film of a uniform thickness and flatness which conforms accurately to any tool curve, giving a more perfect curve reproduction than that normally achievable. The specially developed adhesive used to adhere the flock to the base material reduces flock loss in the polish to a minimum.

Material Short flock synthetic
Thickness 0.75mm (compressed)
Sizes All sizes
Shapes P Q T
Recommended pressures 18lbs - 22lbs
Rec. running times 2 - 7 minutes

Magic, Prestige, Ultima