Primary Rate of Reading Assessment Pack

How do parents know that overlays will benefit their children?

The Wilkins Rate of Reading Test was designed to objectively measure the benefits obtained by individuals who suffer with Visual Stress and/or reading difficulties by viewing text through 12 coloured overlays.
It is not a measure of cognitive ability or intelligence but compares the effects of reading simple words with and without the selected overlay. The patient is simply required to read words aloud while reading times and errors are noted.
The test uses simple words, familiar to young children. The words appear in each line of a block of text but in a random order, as we are not assessing the child’s comprehension skills but purely the reading speed.
The Primary Rate of Reading Assessment packs are designed to be a one or two use purchase. The overlays within the pack crease easily, thus they will not substitute overlay assessment tests within Optometry Practices. If a patient finds benefit from the coloured overlays, they are instructed in the pack to contact their nearest colourimeter specialist in order to book a full colourimetry assessment. 

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