Cerium Coloured Overlays

Cerium Overlays are coloured sheets of robust transparent plastic, developed by CVT, which can be used for all reading tasks. The use of an overlay has been shown through research to enable an increase in reading fluency, efficiency and duration. The same research also demonstrated that the colour selected will vary for each child.

The overlay assessment can be carried out with the use of a Cerium Overlay Testing Pack, by a specialised teacher or vision professional, to screen pupils who exhibit symptoms of Visual Stress.

It is recommended that the overlay should be used without prompting to eliminate any possibility of placebo effect. If there is continued use of the overlay for a period of 6 weeks- a school term, and there has been beneficial reports from the teacher/parent then an assessment with the Intuitive Colorimeter at a specialised practitioner is recommended. Precision tinted lenses can then be prescribed which provide a much more accurate and precise colour for each child and will also be more convenient for board and computer work. Studies have shown that many individuals need a precise colour which can only be found with the Intuitive Colorimeter.

Research has shown that the colour chosen as an overlay may not be the same as that chosen by the Intuitive Colorimeter. It is therefore not acceptable to offer lenses tinted to match the colour of the selected overlay. Lenses tinted in this way may offer very little benefit.

To order please email and we will contact you by return with latest pricing.

The Cerium Overlay Testing Set consists of 2 sets of A5 overlays in each of the 12 colours equally positioned around colour space. The colour is selected by process of elimination. Assessment should be carried out only in the manner indicated on the record sheet. Full instructions and assessment sheets are included. The pack is supplied in a high quality presentation folder.

The testing set is used to screen your pupils. Subsequent A4 overlays can then be purchased to prescribe to the pupil. These are available in packs of 5 or 12 and can come in 1 colour or a combination of the 12 colours.

It is very worthwhile to use the Wilkins Rate of Reading Test in conjunction with the Cerium Overlay testing set.