Precision Lenses

Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses

Each colour selected using the Intuitive Colorimeter is reproduced exactly at our laboratory in Adelaide, South Australia. The lenses used are a safe plastic material (CR39) and any refractive correction can be incorporated in the lens.

The PTLs are dyed to a degree of accuracy beyond that commonly found in ophthalmic tinting and are issued with a Certificate of Authenticity to verify this.

Cerium Precision Tinted Contact Lenses

The colour selected via the assessment with the Intuitive Colorimeter can be incorporated on contact lenses.

The contact lenses used are made from a comfortable soft material and the very centre of the lens tinted to the optimal Precision Tint.

The prescribing of the contact lenses will require a separate consultation with your Specialist Optometrist. There will be restrictions such as age and ocular and medical health on who is suitable for wearing contact lenses. This would need to be discussed with your practitioner.