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Professor Bruce Evans, PhD FCOptom DipOrth DipCLP FAAO FBCLA is a registered and practising optometrist. He was awarded a PhD in 1991 on the role of visual problems in reading difficulties. He hasbeen Director of Research at the Institute of Optometry since 1998.

Professor Evans is currently Visiting Professor of Optometry in the Faculty of Health & Social Care at London South Bank University and in the Department of Optometry and Vision Science at City University. He has published over 200 papers and authored textbooks on binocular vision anomalies and on visual factors in dyslexia. His research interests include binocular vision anomalies, dyslexia and vision, and visual factors in migraine.

 Optometric uses of precision tinted lenses 

 There is now considerable evidence supporting the existence of a form of visual stress that can be alleviated with coloured filters. This condition is sometimes called Meares-Irlen Syndrome/Visual Stress (MISVIS). The symptoms of MISVIS will be summarised, including visual perceptual distortions when viewing text or patterns, eyestrain and headaches. MISVIS has an increased prevalence in people with reading difficulties, migraine, epilepsy, and autism. The symptoms of MISVIS are reduced by using individually prescribed coloured filters. Coloured overlays (transparent sheets that are placed on the page) are often used to screen for the condition. Precision Tinted Lenses are prescribed with the Intuitive Colorimeter so that the required colour can be determined with the precision that is sometimes required. In the lecture the research on this intervention will be summarised. The need for accurate differential diagnosis and detecting other potential causes of symptoms will be emphasised.

Migraine and other headaches: the role of the optometrist

Optometrists frequently encounter patients with headaches and this talk has two different themes to help the optometrist manage these cases. First, optometrists are often the first professional who is consulted by a patient with a new, changing, or even long-standing headache. The optometrist must be able to classify headaches and to recognise and provisionally diagnose the type of headache. In particular, the optometrist needs to detect headaches that require medical attention and to prioritise the referral in these cases. The presentation will review the classification and diagnosis of different types of headache.

Second, patients often ask the optometrist whether there is an ocular cause for their headaches. The talk will review the limited scientific and clinical literature to give optometrists practical guidance on cases that may be amenable to optometric interventions (e.g., coloured lenses, refractive or prismatic spectacles).

 Lecture Details 

Sydney - 1st of July 2013

Topics - Optometric uses of precision tinted lenses - Migraine and other headaches: the role of the optometrist

Venue - UNSW Rupert Myers Building
              Gate 14, University of NSW Kensington, Sydney
Time - 6pm for 7pm start
Catering - Provided
CPD - 4.5 Points
Enquires - Dr. Mei Boon on 02 9385 4621 or

Melbourne - 4th of July 2013

Topics - Optometric uses of precision tinted lenses

Venue - The Hercus Theatre
             David Caro Building
             The University of Melbourne
Time - 1pm
CPD - TBA Points
Enquires - Andrew Anderson on 03 9035 9916 or


Professor Evans will also be speaking at the ACBO conference in Brisbane on Friday 5th of July at 3:30pm. He will also be at ODMA on the Cerium Optical stand on Friday 5th of July.