"I have suffered from visual stress since receiving a blow to the head, as the result of an assault, as young violinist of seventeen year of age. This, of course, over time had an impact on my career as a violinist and violist as increasing became aware of a vision problem. The stress this caused eventually led to my decision to cease orchestral playing professionally, many years ago. I then concentrated my musical energy as a conductor, where holding focus to read a single line of music is not so relevant. Since receiving my tinted lenses from Cerium, I have once again been able hold focus for extended periods whilst reading music. Now I am able once again to enjoy playing the violin with my wife and friends reading whilst the music!"

Dr Martin W B Jarvis OAM Phd FIMT FRSA
Associate Professor & Theme Leader (Music)
Emeritus Artistic Director, Darwin Symphony


“I never cease to be surprised by the remarkable specificity with which certain individuals choose a colour optimum for the clarity of text. The colour usually remains similar when you re test these people weeks or months later. If the colour differs from the chosen optimum by a small amount then reading fluency is adversely affected”

   / Professor Arnold Wilkins /
     DPhil CPsycol FBPsS FRSM Hon.FCOpom

“The Intuitive Colorimeter and Precision Tints have become a key instrument for optometrists who care for people with learning difficulties.”

   / Professor Bruce Evans /

“The Cerium Intuitive Colorimeter has been a valuable addition to our practice. I use it for testing patients who have suffered brain injury – particularly those with headache, photophobia, and/or complaints of severe symptoms in environments with increased peripheral stimulation such as the grocery store or shopping mall. Sometimes Colorimetry prescribed lenses are the key to providing a patient with enough symptom relief so that they can proceed successfully with their general rehabilitation therapies. The Colorimeter provides a quick and easy way to prescribe filters with a specific spectral transmission.

The Colorimeter has also been helpful in prescribing filters with some Migraine sufferers or patients with learning related visual dysfunction. While they are not a cure –all, Colorimeter prescribed lenses, have certainly made a major impact of improving the quality of life for many patients in our practice. I am grateful for the significant relief it allows me to provide for particular patients.”

   / Dr. Penelope Sutter /
     O.D. F.N.O.R - Optometrist, California

“Wearing tints has totally changed my son’s life, he no longer has headaches or feels sick after a lot of reading. His English grade at school went up two grades in a term and all his school work has improved very significantly. Listening to him read is, like listening to a different child and his handwriting has improved. The best result of this is that his confidence has doubled in the short time he has been using overlays and his tints. If the government doesn’t think this exists they should come and talk to the parents and teachers of the children involved and they would see what a difference tints make to their lives.”

   / Mother of Sam, aged 10 /